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Why Should You Buy Rental Properties and Why Now

Check out this new episode of Kingpin Landlording...Why Buy, Why Now. Let me know what you think @KingpinLandlord. Check it out at https://burtnetwork.com/kingpinlandlording/why-buy-why-now/

Kingpin Landlord Introduction

I'll be producing a show entitled "Kingpin Landlording" on The Burt Network. It is all about how you can earn the most money possible on your rental properties and will come out monthly. Check out the introduction here https://burtnetwork.com/kingpinlandlording/kingpin-landlording-preview/

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"RentFromScott.com has been a superb experience, friendly, helpful and always can be counted on…I can say Scott Abernathy and his team have made it worry free. I would highly recommend his property management service to anyone."

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