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How a Property Manager Protects Your Murfreesboro Investment Home

I believe every landlord needs a professional CEO to run their landlording business, and I am the CEO for your Murfreesboro investment home. I was at a real estate investment meeting the other day, and I heard two landlords talking to each other. One of them said he had a tenant who moved in eight months ago. He went by the house and it was a mess; there was crap all over the yard, a dog chained to a pedestal that had pulled away from the concrete, and places where siding was chewed up. He knew he had to get in the house and see what it looked like, and when he knocked on the door they let him in. There was an awful situation inside; the bathtub was cracked and a cabinet door was broken. The other landlord said it was too late to do anything about the situation, and advised him to just keep the tenant as long as possible if the rent was coming in. He said it was better than trying to rehab the house, which would cost thousands of dollars.   Read More

5 Reasons to Work with Reliant Property Management in Murfreesboro

Reliant Property Management is a company in Rutherford County that serves all your Middle Tennessee property management needs. I believe that Murfreesboro landlords need a professional CEO to run their rental property business, and I am that CEO. Today, I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine named John. He came to me with four rental properties and he said they were headache.   Read More

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